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Specialists of sport balls

We are first known for having developed the brand KUBE , with balls that required a lot in terms of graphism and technical quality. Since 2010, we put all our skills at the service of sports clubs, enterprises, and other services that looks for their own customised balls. We produce about 100,000 balls per year. Our products range can go from technical sports balls for Kappa to promotional ones for Winamax, including graphic balls for sports clubs’ shops. We always try to be even more modernists and to develop new techniques of production: from the most colourful ball to the “ballon-couture”, our innovations push us to develop and improve the distinct phases of production of a sport ball. Just as with our customers, we believe in the importance of exchanges and proximity with our manufacturing plants. For us, human relations are the best way to make the creation of your product simple, efficient and safe.

At the heart of a specialized country

The major part of our sports balls production is based in a region straddling Pakistan and India, called the Punjab. This is the only global region presenting this special cultural savoir-faire, by producing balls by hand, and promising a high-quality product. Beyond its history, this savoir-faire can be explained by the richness of this region: with a 305,706km2 area, the Punjab territory consists in alluvial and fertile plains, irrigated by numerous rivers and an important network of canals. These geographical benefits helped the area to develop resources such as cotton and leather: raw materials necessary to the realization of a ball. Personaly and closely connected to these countries; strong links with our collaborating factories appeared to such a point that the professional experience turned into a real human adventure (see the article written about our history).

Scarves, club flags, caps and more…

Serigraf Ball is not only about personalized balls... To fulfil our customers’ expectations, we have expanded our range of supporters products. The idea is the same as for our sports balls: to control the whole production line in order to become experts and to be able to offer the best quality to our customers. This is how we create custom-made scarves, club flags, cheche, caps, foam hands and other… As for the personalization of a ball, we establish proximity with our customers in order to let them know about the different technical qualities that exist. Secondly, our team of graphic designers are pleased to work on the design our customers wish and to offer them the most creative graphics to fulfil their desires. You can find all the technical details of the products proposed in the section Supporters products and get an overview of our creations here.

Respect for human rights through sport

History tells us that the production of footballs started more than 150 years ago in Pakistan. At that time, soldiers of the British Empire in colonies used to play football with balls made with pieces of fabric to pass the time. But one day, a Pakistani got the idea to sew all those pieces to tie them together and make the ball easier to play with. This is simply how the very first football was created. Since then, over 40 million balls per year -which means 70% of the global production- are made in this region. Unfortunately, abuses of the labour rights tarnished the image of this savoir-faire but Serigraf Ball is humanely involved to fight against this curse.

Serigraf ball fights for the respect of human rights

To us, respect of the human rights in developing countries is a primordial cause. We are involved in the fight against child labour, and we approve and support the inspections of the ILO (International Labour Organization) in our factories. Regularly, we also audit our factories in order to deliver certificates when our customers ask for it. Moreover, we put a stress on the respect of the environment every day in each step of the work process.

Serigraf ball supports the organization Peace And Sport

"Sport is an essential mean to gather people beyond their differences, whether they are ethnical, social or religious. Sport can lastingly serve for peace." S.A.S prince Albert II of Monaco. Around this cause, Peace And Sport Organization works towards to an everlasting peace through sportin countries affected by poverty, conflicts or lack of social cohesion. Aware of the role we play in the world of Sports and being real defenders of human values, we spontaneously became partners of the organization and we regularly send sports balls to them.




From the TOP14 and the PRO D2 to the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, many of our customers are professional sport clubs but not only… Thanks to our low minima of production, we are also able to work with smallest divisions and federations with less means such as in handball or basketball. See all our customers



As a sport balls induces strong values //has the power to induce strong values, many entreprises want to communicate around this attractive and original kind of product. Some of the enterprises are also sport clubs’ partners. With the wide range of styles and graphics we offer you, we are able to turn the ball into a real mean of communication, and a modern way to convey an enterprise’s image.



This category of customers is first composed of sport brands and fashion brands and then, organizations. In the first case, balls are part of a full product range and respond to a precise brand image. In the second case, for instance we have created a ball made out of recycled materials for the organization Pachamama.

Sports clubs, brandmarks, organizations and enterprises, they all became our teammates. Below you will find a sample group of our customers for whom we work and create customised sports balls and other custom-made products. Find all the pictures of those products in the section Our creations.









From rugby to football, from handball to volleyball, our balls are custom-made.

All our sport balls are custom-made and entirely handmade. From the serigraphy to the sewing, this manual work is a promise of quality and solidity for the product. All the characteristics of technical quality that you can read below are given as examples. The type of ball, its materials and its size can be personalized and can be adapted to the demand. Our mission is to frame the creation of your ball, by simplifying it and orientating you. But nothing prevents you from going over the defined/general lines. On the contrary! Don’t hesitate to share with us your desires, no matter how crazy they are! We enjoy pushing further and developing our production process. Don’t hesitate to ask for our intervention on the graphic part/step. One of our strengths is our ability to go further in the techniques of design and have a stitching of high precision between the ball’s panels. We can take charge of your project, from a simple ball with a logo, something visually very graphic, a FIFA, IRB or FIVB standardized ball to a promotional ball.

Get in touch with us, we will guide you!

Balls on demand Custom-made. Customisable materials and sizes according to each application. Our footballs can be FIFA standardized and carry the logo.
Balls on demand Custom-made. Customisable materials and sizes according to each application. Our rugby balls can be IRB standardized and carry the logo. No limit in terms of design, so be original!
Balls on demand Custom-made. Vintage balls made out of genuine cow leather. Different sizes proposed. Customisable into a football or a lace-up rugby ball. Embossed design writings and personalized tees.
Balls on demand Custom-made. Customisable materials and sizes according to each application. Our balls can be IHF, FIVB, FIBA standardized and carry a logo.
Balls on demand Custom-made. Customisable sizes, design and materials. Available in football, rugby, hand and volley versions.
Balls on demand Custom-made. With metal rings; handmade; 4 grip rubber panels for rugby; 6 PVC panels for football. Delivered polybagged individually.

Competition: 4 nylex layers/ 1 PE moss layer / Respond and Approved by the FIFA rules / Size 5 / Weight : 425 to 435 mg
Match: 4 polyviscose layers / 1 PE moss layer / Respond an Inspected by the FIFA rules / Size 5 / Weight : 420 to 430 mg
Training: 4 polyviscose layers / 1 PE moss layer / Respond and Inspected by the FIFA rules / Sizes : 5-4- 3 / Weight : 415 to 425 mg
Leisure: 2 PVC layers / Shiny aspect / Sizes : 5-4- 3 / Weight : 330 to 350 gm
Beach soccer: 1 polycoton layer / 1 polyviscose layer / Size 5 / Weight : 260 to 280 mg

Competition: HG grip rubber / 4 barbarian quality interns layers / Major Axis : 28 to 30 cm / Size 5 / Weight : 450 to 460 mg
Match: HG grip rubber / 3 barbarian quality interns layers / Major axis : 28 to 30 cm / Size 5 / Weight : 445 to 455 mg
Training: Extern synthetic grip rubber / 3 polyester-coton layers / Major axis : 28 to 30 cm / Sizes : 5-4- 3 / Weight : 415 to 440 mg
Leisure:Extern synthetic grip rubber / 2 polyester-coton layers / Major axis : 28 to 30 cm / Sizes 5-4- 3 / Weight : 400 to 430 mg

Caracteristics: High quality « buffalo/cow » leather / 3 laminated layers / 1 polyester canva / Sizes 5-4- 3-2 / Weight : 500 mg / available in lace-up rugby ball, football and basketball / colors and text customizabled tees in natural wood or PVC

Handball competition: 1,4mm PU « suprem touch » external surface / 1 polyviscose intern layer / 1 polycoton intern layer / Diameter : 20 to 21 cm / Weight : 260 to 280g
Handball training: 2,5 mm synthetic seed leather external surface / 2 polycoton intern layers / Diameter : 20 to 21 cm / Weight : 260 to 280g
Handball promotional: 1,5mm PVC matt finish / 2 polycoton intern layers / Diameter : 20 to 21cm / Weight : 260 to 280g
Volley competition: 1 polycoton layer / 1 polyviscose layer / Size 5 / Weight : 260 to 280 mg
Volley match: 2 polycoton layer / 0 polyviscose layer / Size 5 / Weight : 260 to 280 mg
Basket: Available in differents sizes et qualities, contact us !

Football: 1 polyester layer recovered with shinny varnish / 12 panels weight : 70 to 80mg / 32 panels weight : 120 to 130mg
Rugby: high quality rubber with 2 laminated polyester layers / 4 panels weight : 50 mg

Football: metal ring with a 6 panels PVC football
Rugby: Metal ring with a rubber grip

Tailored product Custom-made. Stripy or jacquard scarves, with woven or embroidered logo, it is an essential product for all your supporters!
Tailored product Custom-made. Show your club colours on a customised pennant! Colours, size, shape, fringe... infinite possibilities around this product!
Tailored product 100% acrylic, with or without bobble, with lapel or not, design your tailored beanie and ad a patch or an embroidery with your colors.
Tailored product Custom-made. Wave your customised flag and show your club’s colours! An essential of stadiums and sports halls!
Tailored product The essential perfect supporter’s product! Realize your metal or PVC keyring, cut on the shape of your escutcheon
Tailored product The perfect supporter’s equipment wouldn’t be complet without that « american touch ». To support your team in good vibes and great atmosphere!

Woven scarf: The perfect supporter scarf, 100% acrylic, with natural fringes, size : 20x130cm
Woven HD scarf: The High Definition model, with natural or artificial fringes, size : 20x130cm
Knitted scarf: The high-end scarf with embroidered logo ; size : 18x140 cm

Caracteristics: High definition, woven or print pennants, recto/verso visuals, available in sizes : 8x10cm or 26x32cm, customizabled colors and shapes, with or without fringes.

Caracteristics: 100% acrylic, our beanies are availabled in sizes 18x15cm or 22x20cm. Customizable with or without bubbles and lapel. We can realize an embroidered or patched logo, it’s up to you !

Caracteristics: 100% polyester with undestructibled stem which respond to the M1 fire rules. Size flag : 50x70cm ; Size stem : 85cm. Tailored Available. From 100 items. Short shipping.

Caracteristics: Customize your own keyring, tailored logo shape. Make relief to your logo with PVC support, or a prestigious one with metal support and enamel finish. Make a piece of your club in your each supporter’s pocket!

Caracteristics: 100% high quality moss. Available in differents shapes, colors and writings. From 100 items.

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A team ready to guide you and help you fulfil your projects!

Do you need information about our balls production process? Do you want to know more about our supporters’ products range? Do you want to share with us your project of customisation of balls, scarves, flags ou de caps? Complete the fields below so we can get in touch with you. You can also contact us via email or phone -you will find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Get to know the members of our team and contact us!

SIMON mutschler
Communication Manager, in charge of agencies and enterprises

His portrait: He will guide you in the creation of your project and make it come to life. He will assist you from the realisation of the design, the choices of your product qualities to the final delivery of your products. He likes to talk about our customers and share their news on blogs and social networks. We owe him the last communication campaign SB.
His sport: Rugby
His favourite ball: Le ballon du Stade Nantais

louis-bernard guillizzoni
Purchase manager

His portrait: He is the cultural link between France and the different countries we work with and where he sometimes spends some weeks. He deals with the different exchanges with our factories and he controls de quality of our products. He also works with our logistic providers in order to get an optimised transport. There is a tight collaboration between him and the sales manager.
His sport: Football
His favourite ball: Vintage FFF Ball

Clément Prunier
Graphic design manager

His portrait: He is the artist of our team. His favourite tool? His graphic palette indeed. Before using his creativity to fulfil your project, he draws his inspiration from your identity and the image you want to convey through the product. We owe him the craziest sports balls in terms of graphics.
His sport: Rugby
His favourite ball: The Arlequin ParexLanko

Thibaud Herpin
Sales manager, specialised in clubs

His portrait: He is the field man of Serigraf Ball: he works exclusively with sports clubs and their distributors. From balls to flags, from caps to pennants he proposes you a wide variety of supporters’ products with the colours of your team!
His sport: Rugby
His favourite ball: The MHSC football